The vaping can be confusing for someone who has recently made the switch from tobacco cigarettes. There are a variety of vaping devices that have seemingly complex functions to choose from and the wide choice of cheap e juice doesn’t make it any easier. If you have just started vaping, here are some tips of usage that might prove to be helpful:

Shake It Up

Just like all liquid products, cheap e liquids can do with a good shake every now and then, and especially just before you use it. This ensures that the flavor is distributed throughout in an even manner and the smoke becomes even more flavorful. However, carefully replace the lid of the bottle before shaking.

Clogged Atomizer

If you are wondering why your atomizer keeps clogging up even after you take every care to keep it clean, the blame might lie with your e-liquid. There are many vapers who agree that e-liquids that are darker in color and prone to leave a residue and clog up the Atomizer. If you use these e-liquids regularly, you might want to do the cleaning more frequently to avoid blocked and sticky devices that will get less effective over time.

Using Strongly-Flavored Liquids

While there is nothing really wrong with using an e-liquid flavor that has a strong taste, such as mint or spices, we warn that they might leave a residue in the chamber which will give it an aftertaste that lingers. If you want to stop this from happening, clean your e-cigarette properly to avoid the contamination.

Lastly, if you feel that the e-liquid that you have been using is not working too great for you, find out more about the base being used. All e-liquids use water, flavoring substances, and a base of VG or PG. While both have their own pros and cons, PG is the one that is generally preferred and popularly used by a majority.