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Elderly scroll 6 is an add-on to the series of games by Bethesda. The excitement among the fans is genuine as there has been no hint or official announcement of the release date of the sequel of the series of games by Bethesda. People are trying to find out a tint of hint in the last series Bethesda came up with i.e. Elder Scroll 5. Bethesda’s vice president posted some reassuring tweets regarding the release date of The Elder Scrolls 6 but since there is no official announcement so we can’t say anything with surety.

Something Better Than Skyrim

In the last game released by Bethesda they have already improved the graphics magnificently, there were some bugs due to which they couldn’t use the graphics engine in Skyrim. You can be very much sure that this is not going to be like Skyrim at all. The graphics engine will be fast and cutting edge for sure. There are new graphics engine is the market to match that level, the graphics programmers of Bethesda will have to work on it a lot, instead they can hire graphics programmers to design a new graphics engine which is be fast, elegant and buds free.

Virtual Reality Introduced

Of course there are a lot of new things waiting for you with the release of Elderly Scrolls 6; VR technology is one of them. With Fallout 4 in the market and the release of Fallout 5 we can expect the Bethesda’s developers are busy with that. So there are surely good things coming up. Also with the new edition of Skyrim coming up shortly you will have something to look up to in a short while.

Good Things Comes To Those Who Wait

Yes this sounds funny for sure but indeed it is true. Bethesda released its last game in a span of 4 years. So no way Elderly Scrolls 6 is coming any time before the 4 years’ time span. But the fans must be assured that the wait is going to be worth it.