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Pokémon Go game has given its lovers all the fun that one can expect from an augmented reality game. It has not only created its identity as the best game in gaming industry, but also helped many people to combat anxiety and depression. The Pokemon pros are many and they all are incredible. You cannot imagine a game to treat the psychological disorders.

Pokémon Go has helped many people suffering from depression and anxiety to divert their minds and focus on the game. It helps them see the outer world with a difference. The Pokémon pros are considered to be like a reward with fun for such people.

Fun-addicting problem game you need to set up the provided wood types to fit them into the synopsis of different shapes. Has 25 free maths games and a fun Maths Gallery where you work your means around the Arcade to see if you could beat all 25 cool games.

Pokémon Go aids behavioural activation , which directly means that you move out of the house and gain positive rewards of happy and healthy behaviour for example visiting a gym, you would certainly feel better that it will develop a positive attitude within you to get better health each day.

Pokémon Go is a well structured game with step wise levels. Clear structure, attainable goals, prompt feedback are quite helpful, exclusively for people facing  depression as it keeps them interested and engaged. A lack of good game structure can make people feel low, fatigue, less motivated and depressed mood.

By creating additional goals, the game generates the felling of moving ahead and effectiveness.  The game also increases the conversation immediately after you start playing the game. You will get to meet a lot of people talking about the game around you. Social anxiety causes due to lack of social exposure and you feel withdrawn. You started feeling low that you cannot match the requirements to be with others. This game gives you the flexibility to play solely but being surrounded by others. You can also choose to interact with people with interests similar to you.