Cleaning up ink stain is a tedious job but it is necessary too. Whether it is your dress, carpet, curtain or any other cloth you always want being spotless and looking like new. It can be tough how to get pen ink out of clothes, but with right tactics, you can get rid of any ink stain in no time.

Many of us invest in costly detergents and liquids for wiping out the ink stain. But, the same can be done using the simple ingredients available in your kitchen. Here are some easy and affordable ways to remove all types of ink stains from your lovely clothes.

Salt and lemon juice

Lemon juice and salts are common household ingredients you can use for removing ink stains completely. Squeeze lemon juice onto the ink stain and then sprinkle a liberal coating of table salt over the lemon juice. Rub the salt into the stain with your finger and then rinse the stained area with cool water.

Rubbing alcohol

Whether it is ballpoint ink stain, water-based ink stain or permanent ink stain, it can easily be removed using rubbing alcohol. Just lay your stained garment on top of a clean dry cloth. Dab the rubbing alcohol onto the stained area and blot with a clean cloth. Continue blotting till ink stain gets removed. Apply regular detergent onto the area, rest it for 5 minutes and then wash it in the hot water.

Milk and vinegar

 A paste made up of two parts of milk and one part of vinegar can vanish all sorts of ink stains easily. Make a paste of both the ingredients, apply it over the stained area and let it rest overnight.  Remove the mixture from the garment next morning and wash the cloth with fresh water. The stains will get removed completely.


So, never get worried with the ink stain, use the common household ingredient to remove the completely.