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Children are fond of playing online games and you cannot stop them from playing video games. You can have good memories playing with your child so do not discourage them playing game. Make sure you communicate with your children by asking them which game interests them.

Don’t go for old and outdated games rather try new and free games like unblocked games 77 which is a perfect choice for children. The games like cubefield 2 unblocked contain no mature content and is completely safe for kids. Parents and teachers do not have to worry about children playing irrelevant game.

Many stores help you exchange your old games for new ones by paying little cash as well.  You can spend some cash to buy brand new games and have fun.

Try exercising while playing the video games. You can try in the privacy of your own room. Do not forget to drink plenty of water during various game sessions to stay hydrated. Video games can take you away from real world and some people get engrossed in the game to such an extent that they forget to take time out even to drink a glass of water or have meals on time.

Dehydration can be a concern and serious problem so make sure you sip water in between gaming sessions. If you have kids playing some other video games, make sure they access only the games that are designed for their age.

SO, you should check for the age factor to decide if the game is right for your kid. This will help you avoid the games that promote a lot of violence or negative aspects.

You can entertain yourself playing these games but make sure your kids do not browse games that are not suitable for their age.